The Wiccan Affirmation Necklace

The Wiccan Affirmation Necklace

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is an act of affirming something to be true. Affirmation is the assertion that something exists and is declared to be true. An affirmation is in the present tense. It can come in the form of a positive phrase, a positive word, a positive saying, positive scriptures, a positive poem, a positive mantra or a positive lyric.

Why am I talking about this now? This is because a favorite Wiccan necklace among Wiccans and Pagans alike is the Affirmation Necklace. 

You know how you love funny and positive memes and motivational quotes? Imagine those words engraved on a pendant. I know there were many times when I wish I could just bottle up a meme that came at the best possible time and rang very true to me. 

An Affirmation Necklace is a necklace with a pendant that has words or phrases engraved on it. It usually positive and is more for the person wearing it than the person looking at it. Although it does shine a light on the beliefs of the person wearing it. Affirmation necklaces rarely come off as attacking and negative. It would be very hard to find one that does that. The function of the Affirmation Necklace is to inspire and motivate you. Because not everyone wakes up feeling motivated all day every day. Human as you are, you an affirmation will help you get through a difficult task, a bad day, or a negative encounter with a person. 

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There is no right or wrong affirmation, and it varies from one belief to another and is very personal. Think about it. There can be no wrong lyrics, no wrong poems, or wrong scriptures. 

Why wear an affirmation necklace?

An affirmation necklace can be just what you need when you’re feeling down. It will help you to not be too hard on yourself, because it always comes with a positive note. It can also be just the thing to give you confidence when you need to go to an interview or take an exam. When you doubt yourself, your affirmation necklace can bring back the hope to get you through the day. 

There is really no wrong reason to wear a Wiccan Necklace of affirmation. It is something you do for yourself, saying you can do it, and that you value and care for yourself. So when you choose an affirmation necklace, pick one that has words so powerful to accompany you in your spiritual journey. 

Do you like affirmation necklaces? If yes, what is your favorite? Let us know if you do in the comments section below. :)

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