Scott Cunningham Books You Should Have By Now

Scott Cunningham Books You Should Have By Now

Scott Cunningham is a luminary in the field of Wicca and magick. He is an expert who honed in on a possible gap in learning Wicca: which is not being able to be a part of a coven. Many Wiccans, in fact, have no access to an actual coven are reliant upon self-teaching. Scott Cunningham addressed the solitary practitioner who has to develop his or her own Wiccan tradition without neglecting the original Wiccan foundation. Scott Cunningham gifted us with a foundation and handed us the tools with which to build our own tradition.

The self-taught practitioner is going to need to do a lot of studying and learning from books. Here are Scott Cunningham’s best books to learn from and have in your collection:

Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham

Living Wicca will help the solitary practitioner blaze their own spiritual paths. This book takes a philosophical look at the practices and beliefs in Witchcraft to help you create your own rituals, make your own spells, choose your own symbols, create your book of shadows, and so on. Also covered are the Mysteries, the different altar tools, symbols, and the importance of secrecy in your practice.

Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham

This book is a fantastic reference book! It introduces the practical use of crystal magic and shares with you the secrets of 100 gems and metals, the meaning behind their color and shapes, and how they are associated with the god/goddess, sun, moon, and planets, and other celestial bodies! It also teaches you how to cleanse them and use them in divination, spells, and tarot card readings. This book is a useful guide in all of your practice. 

Incense, Oils, and Brews By Scott Cunningham

The effectiveness of magick and spell casting depends on your mind. Which means, the more things you have in your ritual to help your mind focus on your goal, the more powerful and effective your ritual will be. This book teaches you how to incorporate oils, colored candles, herbs, and natural incense in your rituals and how to mix and blend them to work with your spell casting. It also teaches you how to make scents, tools, and extract essences from the herbs. 

This book has over 100 new formulas, directions for proportions, and ingredients you can use as a substitute when one is not available, and so much more like recipes for love potions, astral projection incense, teas for lucid dreaming, and money drawing and protecting sachets.

Divination For Beginners

It doesn’t take a psychic to practice divination. Anyone can learn to predict the future using the different methods described in this book. Learn how to choose the method that works best for you and learn the right questions to ask to get accurate answers. Discover the secrets of a wide variety of methods, from tarot cards to pendulum usage to crystal gazing and even reading signs and omens in the world around you.

The real value of divination is in this way you can use it to fine tune your future and start living the life you've always dreamed of.

Do you have any of these books in your collection? What is your favorite Scott Cunningham book? Let us know in the comments section below. :)

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