“The recipient of your gift is guided by the night and the Goddess, as he/she navigates his/her spiritual path.

Your Wiccan loved one is a Child of the Night.

Their powers of intuition work best once the Sun sets. Their mind, body, and soul come alive under the light of the Moon.

For him/her, the mysteries of the night are not mysteries at all. He/she easily unveils the secrets of the Moon, stars, and all other celestial wonders spread across the evening sky. Because of this, his/her magickal workings are most powerful at this time.

Your Wiccan loved one will light up at these gift suggestions:

The Eternal Moon Guardian NecklaceThe Eternal Moon Guardian Necklace
Pentacle of SpellsPentacle of Spells
Faerie in Crescent Moon NecklaceFaerie in Crescent Moon Necklace
Triquetra Triple Goddess NecklaceTriquetra Triple Goddess Necklace
Witch Switch MugWitch Switch Mug
Pentacle and Crescent Moon ShirtPentacle and Crescent Moon Shirt
Pentacle With Crescent MoonPentacle With Crescent Moon
Witch Switch ShirtWitch Switch Shirt
Waning Crescent Moon NecklaceWaning Crescent Moon Necklace
Triquetra ShirtTriquetra Shirt
New Moon Ritual BundleNew Moon Ritual Bundle
I Dance With The Moon ShirtI Dance With The Moon Shirt