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Faerie in Crescent Moon Necklace from The Moonlight Shop

Faerie in Crescent Moon Necklace

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This beautiful handmade Faerie in Crescent Moon Necklace calls upon the magic powers of the fairies and the crescent moon. The pendant is also a symbol for free spirits seeking new beginnings and change.

  • Unique, fashionable design:
    The Faerie in Crescent Moon Necklace has a unique eye-catching design, so you can wear it anytime and anywhere and be sure to draw attention. This necklace is a good conversation starter.
  • Powerful symbolic meanings:
    The symbolic meanings of this amulet will protect and guide you. Wear it as a symbol of being a free spirit and one who is in contact with nature, the goddesses and the spirit world.
  • Handmade in the USA:
    The handcrafted pendant is made from nickel- and lead free pewter. This is an extremely durable and allergic safe necklace. You can wear it all day, every day for many, many years to come.
The pendant measures approx. 1.4". It comes with a black adjustable cord.

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