New Moon Ritual Bundle

  • "This Special New Moon Ritual Bundle will help you get through the change of seasons, by offering you an extra boost of power and protection when you need it the most..."

    Perform this ritual when you need more energy and clarity or when you need a new beginning.

    STEP #01 - Before New Moon 

    First, in the days before new moon, you should wear the Waning Moon Necklace. It'll help you get rid of bad habits and other things that might stand in your way for getting a new beginning.

    In this time, you should really think about where you want to improve and what you need to change.

    Maybe it's a bad habit or maybe you need to get rid of some people in your life (or even attract someone else) - only you know!

    STEP #02 - During Solstice or New Moon

    Next, on Solstice Day, you should take some time to state your intentions to yourself, the universe and your gods.

    You could write them down on leaves and burn them or you could scream them out as loudly as you can!

    Do whatever feels right, but wear the Solstice Solar Cross when doing it. It'll get stronger each season. And eventually, there'll be a lot of energy stored in it.

    Think of your solar cross like the starter for your car. It will help you get moving and getting that momentum you really need in the beginning.

    STEP #03 - After Solstice or New Moon

    Finally, for the next couple of weeks after Solstice, have your New Beginnings necklace on you AT ALL TIMES.

    The power from the snake and the pentacle helps you push through and also serves as a reminder when things get tough.

    If it gets really bad, make a spell or a ritual with the Waning Moon Necklace to get rid of whatever is in your way (or simply wear it for a couple of days).

    You can do this whole thing again at next new moon, just start a few days before with the Waning Moon Necklace, to get rid of the "road-bumps" in your life.


    These pendants are handcrafted from nickel and lead free pewter. In other words, they are very durable and allergic free necklaces. You can wear them all day long, for years and years, without any worries.


    You can choose your cord size and style above. Please note that the cotton cord comes untied, so you can tie it to your preferences yourself.


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