Tree Of Life Silver Chalice

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"The Tree Of Life Silver Chalice will maintain balance and harmony on your altar and in your magickal workings."

The Tree Of Life Silver Chalice will stand as an inspiration in your altar and in your life. The Tree of Life is a symbol of balance, harmony, unity, and being one with Nature-- the cornerstones of Wicca. Only someone serious on his or her Wiccan path carves out a special place for the Tree of Life in his or her life.

The Tree Of Life Silver Chalice will:

  • Hold your wine or water 
  • Hold your liquid offerings
  • Represent the water element
  • Maintain balance and harmony in your magick
  • Inspire unity in your home and surroundings

About the product:

The chalice measures approximately 3 1/2" x 1 3/4". 

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