The Simple Pentacle - Upgrade Offer

*Order this product before December 16th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

The Simple Pentacle is a sharp and minimalistic necklace for everyday use. We consider it the perfect Pentacle for when you just want to wear a simple yet powerful pendant.

  • Power and Protection from the Pentacle: 
    The pentacle offers power and protection to the wearer. This is a perfect necklace to wear when you need a little extra boost in energy or when you need some extra protection.
  • Small enough to wear under your clothes, big enough to make an impact: 
    This pendant has the perfect size for everyday wear. People can easily see what it is if you wear it outside your clothes. If you prefer, you can easily tuck it under your shirt without problems and still get the benefits from the Pentacle.
  • Hand-made from durable materials: 
    This simple Pentacle is handmade in the U.S.A. from nickel and lead free pewter. This makes it very durable and you can safely wear it for many years to come.

The pendant measures approx. 1 5/8 inches (42 mm.) and comes with a black cord.