‘The Lizard of Recreation and Achievement’ Necklace

“The gecko is a symbolic of having the ability to see through transparency of life, intuition, invisibility within a chaotic crowd, and paying attention to your spiritual path.”

This lizard necklace will help you regrow in times of difficulties, deliver you away from any wrong path, and see things from different angles.

In the old times, the Romans believed that lizards are representation of death and renewal. In the Mediterranean lands, they consider them as an old family friend. The Egyptians and Greeks simply look at them as symbols of good fortune. In the modern times, if a lizard happens to visit your house, you consider it a blessing.

Geckos are tiny, cute reptilian creatures with many mesmerizing abilities. Their ability to regrow their tail is a representation of self-protection and regrowth, and also the natural cycle of life. They also suggest the work of a silent achiever, being able to survive many long years in many countries. They also represent the ability to get down with multiple problems in total ease, as they are able to crawl even in a very smooth surface. Lastly, female geckos are “parthenogenic”, which means they can reproduce even without male intercourse, which best represents versatility and ability to work alone.

This will help you blend into the background of things and move through without being seen.

Made From Safe Materials: This pendant is handcrafted from nickel and lead free pewter. In other words, this is a very durable and allergic free necklace. You can wear this powerful necklace all day long.

Dimensions & Cord: The pendant measures approx. 2.15 x 0.9 inches. You can choose your cord size and style above. Please note that the cotton cord comes untied, so you can tie it to your preferences yourself.

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