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The Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendulum with Chamber from The Moonlight Shop

The Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendulum with Chamber

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"The Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendulum with Chamber is the perfect tool for a fully focused, wise and enlightened communication with the Divine.."

The pendulum:

The pendulum is one of the oldest tools used in divination. It is fairly easy to learn how to use and has been used for many centuries as a location tool to find water, oil, and gold; and as a divination tool to find answers from the Divine. The pendulum is a great tool not only for divination but also for energy detection and self-discovery.

The crystal:

The Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of wisdom, spiritual love, and deep intuition. It strengthens psychic awareness by disconnecting the conscious and subconscious mind to heighten your intuition while protecting your aural field as you become more vulnerable to other spirits. 

Product Details:

This pendulum is a pointed lapis lazuli crystal with a silver cap (with the silver chain attached to it) which you can unscrew to store your oils, herbs, or ashes that you use for divination. 

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