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The God and Goddess Crystal Ankh

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"The God and Goddess Crystal Ankh represents the creative power of the Universe and helps you in your divination and communication with the Divine. "

The Ankh was widely used by the Egyptians as a protective amulet, a tool for divination, and to leave with their deceased love ones to bring into the afterlife. To human beings alive, it is one powerful amulet for protection and attracting good fortune.

The Egyptians would place precious stones in the loop or in the center of the Ankh to magnify its protective powers and to make it a more effective tool for divination. An Ankh with a crystal in the center in an Ankh that opens the doors to psychic communication with the divine.


Product Details:

The pendant is made of lead-free pewter and measures approximately 1.5 x 1 inch without the loop. The crystal in center is genuine Swarovski crystal. It has an antique and satin finish. 

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