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The "Fire Dragon" pendant from The Moonlight Shop

The "Fire Dragon" pendant

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Wear the "Fire Dragon" necklace and have full understanding and acceptance of yourself!

Wearing the "Fire Dragon" necklace will help you stay true to yourself and to other people, resulting in self-awareness and full acceptance of oneself.

Dragons are incredibly strong mythical creatures that are symbolic of: the god and goddess, light and dark, and wisdom and balance. 

The Draconic path requires self-discipline, and pushes you to become honest with other people and yourself.  Dragons expect you to know and understand the basic truths about yourself and not be afraid to revisit the dark corners of your past. Dragons force you to examine the inner-aspects of your life that you do not regularly access, because honesty translates to stronger and more effective spells. 

Wearing this pendant will:

  • Help you become pure and self-disciplined
  • Help you discover and accept yourself 
  • Help you to gain wisdom and power
  • Prepare you for a life-altering change
  • Drive away unwelcome spirits
  • Strengthen your spells

Made from non-allergenic Materials

This pendant is handcrafted from nickel and lead free pewter, making it a very durable and non allergy causing necklace.

Our "100% Happy Guarantee

With our "100% Happy Guarantee" you are 100% safe. If you aren't totally happy with your purchase you can send it back for a full refund within 30 days.

The amulet measures approx. 1.25 inches in size and you can choose your cord length above.

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