Runes of Divination Necklace

The Runes of Divination Necklace gives you the protection of the pentacle combined with the power of the elder Futhark runes. The unique pendant is eye-catching and fashionable.

  • Powerful Combination of Symbols:
    The Pentacle offers you protection, courage and power. The elder runes of Futhark are a very powerful tool for wiccans and pagans. Runes are often used for divination and runic magick.
  • Original and Unique Design:
  • This eye-catching necklace has a beautiful sharp design and is very fashionable. The pendant bears the runic alphabet, the Futhark, which contains a mystery of wisdom within each letter. 
  • Made From Durable and Safe Materials:
  • The handcrafted pendant is made from nickel- and lead free pewter. This is an extremely durable and allergic safe necklace. You can wear it all day, every day for many, many years to come.

The pendant measures approximately 1" and comes with a black cord.