Pentacle Mortar and Pestle Kitchen Witchery Tool

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"The Pentacle Mortar and Pestle Kitchen Witchery Tool is the perfect gift for a kitchen witch! Blend and grind your herbs and dried ingredients to create your magickal teas, sachets, concoctions and brews."

The Pentacle Mortar and Pestle Kitchen Witchery Tool is handy for your kitchen witchery needs. The use of the mortar and pestle can be traced back to the Egyptian times when they needed to prepare medicine for healing wounds and illnesses. Just like how you would create something with it to heal yourself or someone emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Use the Pentacle Mortar and Pestle Kitchen Witchery Tool to:

  • Grind herbs to create herbal sachets
  • Grind and blend herbs for teas, potions, tinctures
  • Grind and blend herbs to release their essential oils
  • Grind and blend herbs needed in spells and rituals

Product Details:

The mortar and pestle is made from black soapstone. It measures 4"x 3."

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