Pentacle Kettle Kitchen Witchery Tool

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"The Pentacle Kettle Kitchen Witchery Tool is the perfect addition to your kitchen tools to create your herbal teas, potions, and other concoctions. Get it for yourself or for someone special who is quite the kitchen witch!"

The Pentacle Kettle Kitchen Witchery Tool is a kettle that is unique (Something like this cannot be found in your local department store ). It features the pentacle on its side to make sure you are creating under the protective powers of the most powerful symbol in Wicca.

The kettle, just like the cauldron, is a representation of the Earth element and a symbol of the womb of the Goddess. Our ancestors also used the kettle to cook and hold and boil their liquids. 

About the product:

This kettle is made of cast iron and measures  3” x 2 3/4”. It also comes with a metal loop carrying handle for easy and safe handling. 

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