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Moon of Change Altar Cloth from The Moonlight Shop

Moon of Change Altar Cloth

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The Moon of Change Altar Cloth will remind you to maintain stillness and calm in all aspects of your life, as you welcome new beginnings and accept endings. 

The Moon of Change Cloth features the crescent moon an all four corners of the cloth against a backdrop of blackness, just like the night sky. 

The blackness represents stillness and calm, just as the nighttime sky. WIthout stillness, calm, and an open mind, it is impossible to make way for new beginnings and letting go of the negative. 

The crescent moon represents the waxing and waning phase; the Goddess in her Maiden and Crone aspect:

The Maiden stage is a time of for spells of attraction, love, and positive change, luck, growth, new beginnings, and new ideas. 

The Crone stage is a time for spells that banish and release. This is a time to break bad habits, addictions, and end bad relationships. This is a time of deep intuition and divination. 

Use this cloth for:

  • Banishing
  • Clearing Negativity
  • Protection
  • Positive Luck
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Attraction

Product Details 

This altar cloth measures 36" by 36"

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