Jasper Balancing And Negativity-Absorbing Stones (1lb)

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"The Jasper Balancing And Negativity-Absorbing Stones will restore your sense of balance especially when you are being harassed, irritated, or feeling overwhelmed with stress by absorbing the negative energy. They will melt away your sadness, sorrow, hurt, and annoyance."

The Jasper Balancing And Negativity-Absorbing Stones will bring you balance, ground you, calm you, attract positive luck, and create positive vibration wherever you may take them.

You can place jasper stones around your home, on your altar, by your door for protection and to absorb negative energies. You can also keep one in your pocket or bag to reach for in those times when you need to calm and balance yourself. 

They are also excellent grounding stones you may use just before you perform a spell or ritual.

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You will receive 1lb of Jasper stones. 

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