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Incense, Oils, and Brews By Scott Cunningham from The Moonlight Shop

Incense, Oils, and Brews By Scott Cunningham

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The Incense, Oils, and Brews by Scott Cunningham will teach you how to mix and create your own incense, brews, potions, powders, inks, soaps, tinctures, oils, and herbal baths!

The Incense, Oils, and Brews By Scott Cunningham is a very informative book that you should not miss! It describes the qualities of each herb and shows us where it falls under an informative chart organized by element, planetary influence, and by area of use. It contains many recipes that come with an ingredients list, clear step by step explanations, dosage suggestions, and warnings. 

Scott made sure to include a special chapter that is dedicated to substitutions. He addresses the challenge of not having a certain herb available for a spell. Because he knows we can't possibly have all the necessary herbs on hand at every need! 

This is a must have for those who are still starting out in spell casting and the enterprising witches who are always looking to try new potions and different recipes. This will give you a whole new outlook with every herb you encounter. 

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