New Beginnings Bundle

  • This bundle is made specifically for when you need a new beginning in your life!

    This is great for spring (when the whole world and nature is starting over).

    01: The Triple Spiral:

    This Triple Spiral Necklace is one of the oldest symbols known.

    It represent the movement of life and how even though life often consist of repeated patterns, it's never the exactly same. Just like last spring isn't identical to this years spring.

    Use this pendant when you feel like you are going in circles and have a hard time breaking free.

    02: The Butterfly of Change:

    The butterfly of change is a powerful pendant that will help you break free of bad habits and start a new and better life.

    The butterfly tells you that you shouldn't be too serious. It spends most of its life as a "child" in the puppet and only a small part as an adult.

    It's also good at camouflaging (a good skill when you are in the middle of a change).

    Use this pendant when you are ready to change your life and your habits for the better!

    03: New Beginnings necklace:

    This pendant gives you protection while helping you with your new beginnings.

    The snake symbolizes rebirth, renewal and transformation. The pentacle gives you strength and protection.

    Use this pendant when a big chance is apparent and you need protection.


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