Elder Futhark Jasper Rune Stones

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Elder Futhark Jasper Rune Stones
  • Made from high quality Jasper stone:
    These runestones are made from real Jasper stone and has the runes engraved in them, so you get the powers from nature when you cast your runes. Since there aren’t two identical stones, each stone in your set is unique.
  • Has the Elder Futhark Runes:
    The engraving on these stones are the ancient elder Futhark runes, which are the eldest known runic alphabet. This makes this set perfect for Wiccans and Pagans as each stone has magickal properties.
  • Perfect for divination:
    The runestones has a perfect size to work with, but you can also carry them in a pouch and take them with you, so you can get a quick answer to a burning question, do a quick spread or even advanced setups when you are away from home.
  • Comes With our "100% Happy Guarantee":
    With our "100% Happy Guarantee" you are 100% safe. If you aren't totally happy with your purchase you can send it back for a full refund within 30 days.