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Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Altar Statue from The Moonlight Shop

Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Altar Statue

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"The Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Altar Statue is an homage to the most popular Cat Goddess of Egypt. She will bring you good luck, abundance, and protection, just as your cat familiar does."

The Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Altar Statue is a small figurine of the Cat Goddess Bastet. With this, you can be closer to your goddess and also invite her to join you in your spells and rituals, helping you achieve your goals and your dreams with her magickal touch.

Two sides personify Bastet: docile and aggressive. On her gentle side, she is a protector of homes and pregnant women. On her aggressive side, her vicious nature shows especially during battles in protecting the pharaoh.

About the product:

This altar statue is made of resign and has a satin black finish with gold highlights. Despite its size, it is very detailed and elegant and is excellent for your altar. It measures approximately 3" long. 

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