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Divination For Beginners from The Moonlight Shop

Divination For Beginners

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Scott Cunningham's Divination For Beginners is an excellent starting point to find out what the future holds for you and get the answers you need, so you can plan your course of action!

This introductory book on divination is very informative, descriptive, and simple. It makes the topic of divination easy for you to understand, follow, and practice. Discover the secrets of the different types of divination, from Tarot cards to crystal gazing to palmistry to reading signs and omens.

Anyone can practice divination. People just need to be pointed to the right direction to get them started, and guided on how to do it. Scott Cunningham teaches you the different ways to divine answers, the right method that will work best for you specifically, and the right questions to ask to get accurate answers. 

This book contains:

  • The History of Divination
  • The Different Types of Divination
  • The Different Divinatory Responses
  • Divination Practice

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