How To Detox Yourself From Toxic Relations

Being in a toxic relationship is not only damaging for your body, but for your mind, too. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time with that toxic human. Toxic relationships are not only romantic relationships, but relationships with family and friends as well. 

This type of relationship is toxic and damaging for both parties. And you may ask, “Why is it so hard to let it go?” If it has done so much harm to yourself, why do you find it especially difficult and challenging to move on and detox yourself? 

Often, it’s hard to let go because you still have feelings for that person, or that it’s hard to change the dynamics of your relationship. All toxic relationships begin well - they are based on love and trust. But they slowly turn toxic because partners do not listen to each other, and one of them is abusive and does not let you be you.

This is difficult for Wiccans, as they are free people who choose to live in communion with their surroundings. Their motto is “If it does not harm anyone, do what you will.” It’s a wonderful motto that takes into consideration others’ feelings and emotions.

The philosophy of detoxing yourself from toxic relationships is mostly based on Wiccan principles. They are happy and healthy people who celebrate nature’s marvels, but also put an emphasis on their mental health. This can be saving for people that are part of toxic relationships. 

Let’s discover some tips that will help you detox yourself from toxic relationships, in concordance with Wiccan ways of living.


Wiccans believe in meditation, and so do counselors, therapists, and a lot of people around the world. Meditation has the power to help you focus on the good parts of your life, but also analyze the bad ones. The thing is, a toxic relationship is described by emotional abuse, control, dominance, judgment, hostility, and many more. These are damaging to someone’s mental health, as you lose your self-confidence, become anxious, insecure, and unhappy. 

Meditation is an ancient technique that can be practiced individually everywhere. It has been proven to lower the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. There are many types of meditation, but they all have the same effects. It helps you connect with the goddess and get inspired. 

You can practice healing meditation, mindfulness, transcendental, or mantra meditation. No matter which one you choose, meditation will help you detox from toxic relationships and move on.

Reconnect with Yourself

One of the things a toxic relationship deprives you of is the connection to your inner world. When you are constantly abused — whether physically or emotionally — it slowly weakens your connection to yourself. You slowly find yourself unable to trust your intuition and you become more and more vulnerable. 

This can be really damaging to your mental health, making you lonelier and more alienated. The process of reconnecting with your inner world might take time, but slowly you can do it. Focus on your feelings and emotions, identify their source, and try to understand them. 

This will offer a glimpse into how your inner world is right now. It will help your true self and identify the changes you need to make in your habits and thinking patterns to free and detox yourself from that toxic relationship.

Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature is one of the principles all Wiccans live by. They are wary of the modern world because for its tendency to promote excess and alienation. And this also describes a toxic relationship. 

Communion with nature is beneficial for your body and mind. Only seeing the green leaves of the trees or the grass helps you relieve stress symptoms. Also, spending time in nature will reduce the symptoms of anxiety and loneliness. And this is an important step in the process of detoxing yourself from toxic relationships.

At the same time, nature has the power to increase your creativity and improve memory. On top of this, it helps you connect with other people, a thing that people who are in toxic relationships find especially difficult. The process of detoxing is a long-term one, full of ups and downs.

But choosing to spend your time in nature is beneficial and it can make the whole process easier, says research by writing services reviews. Choose to restore your mental energy by spending at least 120 minutes per week in nature. You can also combine these tips and choose to meditate in nature to double the effect. You will start feeling at one with nature instantly.


The Wiccan principles of living life should be a guide for everyone who has been in a toxic relationship. Letting it go and moving on are steps of the process that are more challenging than others, as there are a lot of memories, feelings, and emotions that connect you with the toxic human in your life. But, apart from all these, you should put an emphasis on you and your mental health. 

Toxic relationships have negative effects on people who go through them, and you need to find ways to reconnect with your inner world again. Meditation and spending time in nature can help you understand your behavior and thoughts better, address and change them so that you give yourself that glow you had before.

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