Enhanced and personalized jewelry with birth crystals

Crystals are found everywhere in nature and their structure affects our vibrational energies, our emotions and our lives.

Tune in to your natural frequency

Every object in the universe has a vibrational frequency. Some things vibrate much faster, while others vibrate slower.

The time of your birth has an effect on your own personal vibration pattern, but so does your stage in life. 

In the big picture, these changes in frequencies are miniscule, but on a personal level, a tiny change can have a big impact.

Crystals reflect light (which is also a form of vibration) and depending on the properties of the crystal, the reflected vibration differs.

When you select a pendant with crystals, you can select based on the month you were born or you can select a crystal that has properties that will positively affect you, in your current stage of life.

Which Crystal Is best for you?

 if you were born in the month of March, you could go with the Aqua Blue crystals, which is good for healing and medicinal power.

On the other hand, if you are in a place where you need self confidence and to get rid of negative thoughts, The Pink Tourmaline (October) might be better for you.

You can select the birthstones that match your birth month or you can choose the ones that will help you with specific challenges.

  • January (Deep Red Garnet for power, importance, confidence, courage and winning)

  • February (Purple Amethyst for stability, peace, balance, calmness)

  • March (Aqua Blue for healing and medicinal power)

  • April (Aurora Borealis for mental clarity, lucid dreaming and psychic abilities). Changes color.

  • May (Emerald Green for happiness, pure love and luck. This stone has healing abilities)

  • June (Lavender Tanzanite for increasing fertility for men and women, clear communication and healing)

  • July (Ruby Red for harmony, protection and happiness)

  • August (Green Peridot for wealth, health, joy, and emotional well-being)

  • September ( Sapphire Blue for creativity, inspiration and aligning body, mind and spirit)

  • October (Pink Tourmaline for self confidence, dispelling fear and negative conditions)

  • November (Gold Topaz prevents accidents and fires and helps you sleep without nightmares)

  • December (Blue Topaz for enhancing metabolism, overcoming depression and other mental illnesses)

  • Black Onyx for new beginnings, detachment, emotional self control and balance

You can select the birth crystals that match your birth month or you can choose the ones that will help you with specific challenges.