How to get a FREE product from The Moonlight Shop!

Hi there...

If you are reading this page, it probably means that you have already placed an order here with us and that you like the product so much that you want more.

If that's the case, keep on reading, because on on this page, you'll discover how to get a endless supply of Wicca and Pagan products from our store... for 100% FREE (no tricks or sketchy deals going on here).

But first... you have a smartphone that can record video?

Because, that's the only thing you need... well.. that and a the last product you purchased.

Here's how you can get your next product for FREE:

  1. Take out your smartphone and record a short video of the product
  2. Send the video to us (email or youtube)
  3. Send us an email letting us know which product to send you next

Simple enough eh...?

Here's some things to keep in mind when you record your video:

  • It should be at least 30 seconds long
  • Try to keep it under 5 minutes
  • if you are not sure what to day, here's a quick "script" you can use
    • Start by saying hi and introduce yourself and the product
    • Tell WHY you got this product (did it speak to you or was it just too pretty)
    • Tell what you like about the product and if you'd recommend it
    • End of by telling where to get the product (please don't mention any prices)
  • You don't have to stick to the above, it's just a suggestion if you're not really sure how to get started.

Here's some previous videos we got from our customers, for your inspiration: