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About the Pentacle

The Pentacle of Simplicity is a powerful yet minimalist pendant that brings clarity and simplicity to your life. It combines the protective pentacle with the strength and stability of the Celtic knot. The necklace will help you untangle life's complications and promote a clear and focused mind.

It has the perfect size for everyday wear. It measures approximately 1 5/8 inches (42 mm) and you can choose the cord or chain of your liking.

How it works

To take advantage of this special offer, simply add your favorite items to your cart. Once your cart reaches a total of $45 or more you will be prompted to add the Pentacle of Simplicity to your order.

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There are multiple benefits of wearing the Pentacle of Simplicity:

  • Protection against negative energies and influences: The Pentacle acts as a shield, guarding you from harmful forces and negativity. By wearing it, you create a barrier that helps keep you safe and secure, allowing you to focus on your well-being and personal growth.

  • Connection to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit: The Pentacle symbolizes the interconnectedness of the five elements, fostering a deeper connection to the natural world and the energies that surround you. Embracing this connection can bring a sense of harmony and unity to your life.

  • Empowerment and personal growth: Wearing the Pentacle serves as a constant reminder of your inner strength and the power you hold within. It encourages you to tap into your potential, overcome obstacles, and continue on the path of self-improvement and personal growth.

  • Representation of balance and harmony: The Pentacle is a symbol of balance, with its five points representing the interplay between the elements and the human spirit. By wearing it, you are reminded to seek harmony in your life and to strive for a balanced approach in all aspects of your journey.

  • A daily reminder of your spiritual journey: The Pentacle serves as a constant reminder of your commitment to your spiritual path. It helps keep you grounded and focused on your goals, while also reminding you of the greater forces at work in the universe.

(once you have added for $45 or more, you will be prompted to add the Pentacle to cart)