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    You have the know-how, now it's time to practice! Taking that first step and doing what the guide says is your gateway towards becoming the most skilled witch on your side of town.

Of course, a good witch should have the right set of tools.

You have to make sure you have the things that meet your EXACT needs... ones that will help you achieve your goals!

If you're planning on coming out as a witch, these are your must-haves:

This necklace will help you draw out the courage to be honest with your loved ones. The butterfly represents growth, change, and freedom - which you will embody when you wear this reaffirming necklace!

This is perfect when you want to attract success, but don't want to compromise your self-expression. Be the best, most fearless, most authentic version of yourself by having a necklace that reminds you of your awesomeness everyday!

This necklace has TWO pentacles in one pendant. And if you think that's good enough, it also has your personal birth crystals embedded on them! Wearing this necklace helps to bring out the wisdom and bravery inside you - so you're ready to conquer any challenge.