We’re launching the all-new, never before seen Oversized Snuggle Hoodies today! They are perfect for an evening in front of the TV, a bonfire in the spring and for when you just want to feel super comfortable.

And finally, you will find $9 Pentacle Necklaces, $12 Mugs, $75 Cloaks & Snuggsand a whole lot more, in The Moonlight Shop's Black Friday Sale.

If you order for more than $65, you will get FREE U.S. shipping.

Black Friday Gifts

On Black Friday, when you place an order, you may also be eligible for FREE gifts.

  • You can use one code per order (if you place multiple orders, you can use different codes per order)
  • Order total is before shipping, tax and free items

  • You need to add the free product to your cart as well (when you enter the code, the price will change to $0)

  • Select the free item from the special collection link that will popup when you achieve the order amount

Use code

on orders over
to get:
Any pentacle free

Any 11oz mug free

Any shirt free

Any flag free

To get your free products, add your chosen products to your cart, including the free item you're eligible for (like the pentacle for orders over $50). At checkout, use the code (e.g., PENTACLE50) to update your total.

$9 Pentacles

Today only, you can grab a new Pentacle from as low as $9.
Select between a wide range of powerful and meaningful Pentacles and add one or more to your order.

This is a SUPER-limited Black Friday offer and our Pentacles will NEVER be this low priced again.

$12 Mugs

Today only, you can grab a new Mug from just as $12.
Wiccan Mugs are a superb way of expressing yourself without being "too much".

$14 SHIRTs

Today only, you can snag a new Shirt for as low as $14.
Wiccan shirts aren't just shirts; they're a statement, a magickal manifesto without going overboard. 

Embrace your mystical style without breaking the bank!

$75 Cloaks & Snuggle Hoodies

Today only, you can grab a new Wiccan Cloak or a Snuggle Hoodie for just as $75.
These are truly one-of-a-kind. Firstly, they are designed in-house, by Wiccans and Pagans, for Wiccans and Pagans.

Next, they are handmade as ordered, by high-quality Sherpa wool. With one of these, you will be truly unique (and warm).

*new* REVERSIBLE snuggle hoodies

These hoodies are BIG! 

They are just as perfect for a comfy Netflix and chill night... as for when you are having a glass of wine with friends on the porch.

Today, as a special Black Friday launch offer, these are down with 33%


From time to time, we create limited designs and products, which are only available for a short time.
As a special treat for black Friday, we are going to revive some of these for a limited time.
The last time these were available for sale, was back in 2021.


"Under a canopy of stars, your story unfolds. Your zodiac sign is more than just a cluster of stars.It's a reflection of your inner self, your strengths, and your potential. Wear this necklace as a celebration of your place in the cosmic ballet, and let it guide you to your destiny."

OTHER Black Friday Discounts

Alongside all of the offers on this page, you will also find 100s of items with special Black Friday prices.

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'As Above, So Below' Tote Bag
Sale Off
'Drink Up, Witches!' Magic Mug
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'Say Meow' Mailbox Cover
Sale Off
1 oz  Lavender Flowers
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1 oz Damiana Leaf Cut
Sale Off
1 oz Mugwort Cut
Sale Off
33Mm Charcoal Tablets (10 Pcs) - The Moonlight Shop
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