“Cool, calm, and composed — these are words to describe water, but they could also be used to describe your Wiccan loved one.

Your Wiccan loved one is a Water-Loving Wiccan.

The recipient of your gift is practically one with water. Your water-loving Wiccan's imagination is boundless and his/her mind is a wellspring of wonder. People simply cannot do without his/her refreshing presence. You may have noticed this about him/her — that he/she is in tune with emotions, and, as a result, friends look to him/her for advice.

Make him/her feel loved and appreciated with these gift ideas:

Pentacle of the MoonPentacle of the Moon
The Pentacle of PowerThe Pentacle of Power
The Eternal Moon Guardian NecklaceThe Eternal Moon Guardian Necklace
Faerie in Crescent Moon NecklaceFaerie in Crescent Moon Necklace
The Dragonfly of SecretsThe Dragonfly of Secrets
Moonlight Zodiac NecklaceMoonlight Zodiac Necklace
The Faery of AttractionThe Faery of Attraction
Witch's Brew MugWitch's Brew Mug
Water Pentacle Luxury NecklaceWater Pentacle Luxury Necklace
The Triple Spiral NecklaceThe Triple Spiral Necklace
Moon Goddess with Stars NecklaceMoon Goddess with Stars Necklace
Taunt The Witch They Said MugTaunt The Witch They Said Mug
Wiccan Rede MugWiccan Rede Mug
Triquetra MugTriquetra Mug
Dragon Guardian In Triquetra MugDragon Guardian In Triquetra Mug
Water Pentacle ShirtWater Pentacle Shirt
The Triple Goddess MugThe Triple Goddess Mug
Triquetra Altar TileTriquetra Altar Tile
Water Pentacle MugWater Pentacle Mug
Things A Witch Needs MugThings A Witch Needs Mug
Dragon in Pentacle MugDragon in Pentacle Mug
Deep Blue Cat BootsDeep Blue Cat Boots