Top Sellers on Sale !!

Introducing our all time Best Sellers.

Our mission is to help people all over the world express themselves and their spirituality. That's why we are putting all of our best selling Wicca and Pagan items on sale this weekend!

Express yourself

Even though we mostly have more religious freedom today, than we did 400 years ago, some of us still cannot express our beliefs freely.

Family members, co-workers, neighbours or even police and politicians, can sometimes be a stick in the wheel and hinder us from showing who we truly are.

Luckily, these people are often not the sharpest tools in the shed and won't recognize the symbols that give us power and protection.

In the best-seller sale, you will of course find plenty of Pentacles and "in your face" clothing, but you will also find more subtle ways to express yourself. 

Like socks, shoes, unprovocative jewellery and shirts. 100% safe to wear on the job or the next family gathering.

Unique and limited design

Our products are unique to The Moonlight Shop. The designs are created by Wiccans and Pagans, for Wiccans and Pagans and is not available for purchase anywhere else.

We design our clothing in house and use skilled printing partners to transfer our unique designs to high quality clothing. Most of our designs have hidden symbolism that carries a deeper message about love, connectivity and inner power.

Dragon Guardian In Triquetra Luxury NecklaceDragon Guardian In Triquetra Luxury Necklace
Celtic Triquetra CrossCeltic Triquetra Cross
Triquetra Luxury NecklaceTriquetra Luxury Necklace
Wiccan Sabbats Luxury NecklaceWiccan Sabbats Luxury Necklace
Dragon Guardian In Triquetra CloakDragon Guardian In Triquetra Cloak

Frequently asked questions

  • Are your products USA-made?

    YES! Most of our products are made and shipped from the USA. For the odd item that's shipped from overseas, it'll say so on the product page.

  • What payment methods do you accept and are they secure? 

    We accept pretty much all major credit and debit cards and use Stripe and PayPal as payment processors. Both are very secure and no one ever sees your payment information. Everything is encrypted and safe.

  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    YES! A promise is a promise. You can get our 30-day money-back guarantee with the least hassle. 

  • How much is shipping and where do you ship to? 

    We ship to pretty much everywhere in the world that has a postal service. The shipping rate is calculated based on the weight of your order and starts at just $1.95. International orders start at just $9.95.

  • I made a mistake on my order (Address, Size, etc). Can I change it? 

    If you see an error in your order confirmation email and want to cancel or make changes, send us an email at as soon as possible and we MIGHT be able to take care of it.

    If you entered the wrong address, we'll wait for the package to be returned to us. We'll reship it to you, but you have to pay for the reshipping costs.

  • How do I track my package?

    We give tracking for bundle orders but not for single-item orders. Tracking info can be delayed, but we'll provide it asap. Once we have given your package to shipping, we cannot do anything to make delivery faster.

  • Will I get my product fast?

    YES! If you're residing in the US, expect your package to arrive in 3-5 days after production. For products that are made as ordered, expect 3-5 days for production. Overseas deliveries may take 2-3 weeks. The wait will be totally worth it, though!