“Of course, every Wiccan is, by principle, kind and caring. The recipient of your gift, however, is a cut above the rest.

Your Wiccan loved one is the classic embodiment of a Good Wiccan.

He/she likes to do good even when no one is watching. He/she takes the Wiccan Rede and the Threefold Law by heart, mindful of the possible results of their magickal workings.

Rituals and spellwork come naturally to him/her. They have probably known since they were very young that he/she would be a powerful Wiccan someday. 

Because of this, he/she is effortless in every way!

The following gift ideas are perfect for your Wiccan loved one:

Pentacle of the Black OnyxPentacle of the Black Onyx
Pentacle of the MoonPentacle of the Moon
Brooms Of Elder Pentacle NecklaceBrooms Of Elder Pentacle Necklace
New Beginnings NecklaceNew Beginnings Necklace
Pentacle of the WitchPentacle of the Witch
Power and Protection BundlePower and Protection Bundle
The Pentacle of AncestorsThe Pentacle of Ancestors
Triquetra Triple Goddess NecklaceTriquetra Triple Goddess Necklace
Witch Switch MugWitch Switch Mug
Pentacle and Crescent Moon ShirtPentacle and Crescent Moon Shirt
Witch's Brew MugWitch's Brew Mug
Pentacle of SimplicityPentacle of Simplicity
The Solitary Practitioner BundleThe Solitary Practitioner Bundle
Witch Switch ShirtWitch Switch Shirt
Taunt The Witch ShirtTaunt The Witch Shirt
Taunt The Witch They Said MugTaunt The Witch They Said Mug
Wiccan Rede MugWiccan Rede Mug
The Essence of Wicca BundleThe Essence of Wicca Bundle