How To Rule Your Life With Runes

Discover how a simple ancient symbol can be a force of change in your life.

This Is Not Your Ordinary Alphabet

Imagine this - whenever you need guidance for a certain area in your life... there's a letter in the alphabet that can help you.

Here's the good news. An alphabet like that exists, but it's not the one we're used to!

This one is called Futhark (or Runic Alphabet). Just as it was used by the pagans in the North thousands of years ago...'s still used by Wiccans today!

Runes & Their Meaning

What makes the Runic alphabet so awesome from other alphabets, is that each rune (letter) holds a deep meaning.

For example, the rune "Fehu" means wealth while "Algiz" is the Rune for protection.

No wonder why the vikings carved runes on their ships... 

...and on their swords and shields to attract courage and victory in battle!

Thousands of years later, we Wiccans and Pagans wear runes on our clothing and items to attract wealth, love and happiness.

These powerful symbols can be used to empower any area of life. Think of it as a charm or a talisman, the way our ancestors used them!

Who Rune The World? You! 

There are basically 2 ways you can use Runes in your life:


As a divination tool (cast runestones) or as manifestation of your intention (wear a rune symbol).

You can draw runestones, lay out complicated patterns to see what the future has in store for you...

...or you can take destiny in your own hands and wear a specific rune to get certain advantages (click here to see a chart of runes).

Runes will help you, take control of your life and live it on your own terms. 

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