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It's the LAST DAY of the 12 Days of Yule Sale! But get this — we're not offering any items on sale today.

The reason is that for Day 12, you're getting something better than a discount... you're getting something for FREE.

Claim your free Tree of Life necklace today! 


$39.95 $29.95

(Only 1 necklace per order due to limited availability. The necklace is FREE and all we ask is that you cover the shipping and handling fee.)

We're giving this away because we want to Help you feel connected.

Everything in this world is linked by an invisible thread...

...heaven and earth, life and death, you and me.

The year 2021 has been challenging. It's easy to feel that you are alone. That you have no one to turn to. That you are detached from your family and friends.

But the truth is, you're not detached. You're an important piece of the puzzle. A part of the Universe - just like what the Tree of Life teaches us.

We're giving you the Tree of Life Necklace because we want you to know that you're not alone.

We're all connected. And we are one as we face the rest of the year and beyond!

The Tree of Life will nourish your soul.

Like a tree that provides humankind nourishment, the Tree of Life will nourish your soul.

This powerful symbol is a constant reminder that you get your strength from your connection to the Earth and to everything in it.

Why? Let's look at the tree.

The roots dig deep down the Earth, providing a solid foundation.

The trunk is built strong, enough to withstand hard challenges.

The branches reach up, as if in prayer. They are ever ready to receive light and strength from the Sun.

And the fruit is the result of this nourishment.

In other words, the Tree of Life receives and gives life. This is the perfect picture of your own interconnectedness to the Universe.

Use the Tree of Life:

  • As a reminder that you are one with everything

  • As symbol of your value in the Universe

  • As a source of strength from the Sun God and the Earth Goddess

  • As a wellspring of healing - physical, emotional, spiritual

The TREE OF LIFE Necklace is flamin' hot among our buyers!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Awesome! I'm really getting a free necklace?

    YES! The necklace is 100% FREE. The Moonlight Shop is paying for the cost of the necklace. You'll be saving over $30 if you claim this. All we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping and handling, and we'll take care of the rest!

  • Is the necklace USA-made?

    YES! All our necklaces are handcrafted and handled with care before they're shipped to you. If you're from the US, you will receive your package in just 3-5 days. If you live outside the US, expect your package to arrive in 2-3 weeks.

  • How big is the pendant?

    The pendant measures 1.5 inches across and 2 inches from top to bottom (including the loop). It's big enough for people to notice and compliment you on it, but also small enough to tuck inside your shirt.

  • What material is the pendant made of?

    The pendant is made of pewter, which is free from allergy-causing nickel and lead. Pewter has been used for thousands of years for its durability and non-tarnishing qualities. Pewter also has a versatile appearance - use a polish so it will shine, and use a blackening solution to give it an antique look!

  • What color is the pendant?

    Since the pendant is made from lead and nickel-free pewter, it looks very similar to silver. The only difference is its slightly matte finish, which gives it a chic and polished look.

  • Is the pendant non-tarnish?

    YES! Pewter is a non-tarnish metal, and will not change color when exposed to air or moisture. The pewter's patina or luster can be enhanced by pewter polish or cleaning soda.

  • Can you wear the necklace in the shower?

    YES! While we encourage you to take off your necklace if the water contains chlorine, salt, or other harsh chemicals, it is generally safe to wear this in the shower.

  • Does the pendant come with a chain?

    YES! It comes with a 24-inch metal chain.

  • Is the necklace safe for people with allergies?

    YES! If your skin is sensitive to jewelry, this necklace is perfect for you. The pendant is free from lead and nickel, and is 100% hypoallergenic.

  • Is the necklace safe for people with allergies?

    YES! If your skin is sensitive to jewelry, this necklace is perfect for you. The pendant is free from lead and nickel, and is 100% hypoallergenic.

  • Will I get my necklace fast?

    YES! If you're residing in the US, expect your package to arrive in 3-5 days. Overseas deliveries may take 2-3 weeks. The wait will be totally worth it, though!