People used to consider many things taboo, like tattoos and being anything other than heterosexual. Thankfully, we're past that primitive stage now.

Yet, widely accepted practices still struggle to shake off their bad reputation.

Like Wicca, for example. Millions of people are practicing witchcraft. Even the US government has recognized it as a religion. But alas, many still think that Wicca is nothing more than devil worship! 

Oh, if only they knew how beautiful and profound Wicca is! The guiding principles, the gods and goddesses we worship, the magickal rituals. 

But how would they know all this, if we don't express ourselves, and let our beliefs shine?

In this blog post, I'm gonna share 5 simple but significant ways to get people to talk about Wicca... the hopes of creating a new level of understanding, appreciation, and acceptance.

Blogging and social media

Nowadays, almost everybody has a smartphone and access to the Internet. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube are very effective in raising awareness about a wide range of topics. 

Wiccan high priests and priestesses have become visible online. Through their articles and videos, many more people are learning about Wicca. And you can do your part, too! A simple Instagram post can spark meaningful conversation with your followers. It may even lead them to the Wiccan path.

Writing to filmmakers and TV producers

When a movie premieres on the big screen, or a TV show airs, millions of people get to watch it all over the world. So, whenever films or shows misrepresent Wicca, the misconception can spread quickly. It can live on for a long time! 

It may seem tedious, but getting in touch with filmmakers and TV producers is possible. Contact information like email addresses and phone numbers are available online. 

Educating the entertainment industry about Wicca will go a long way. By breaking stereotypes, we are defeating the hate and fear! 

Engaging in issues that concern the Wiccan community

Most Wiccans are solitary practitioners. But, that doesn't mean we should distance ourselves from causes that matter to us. Like caring about the environment, for example. Since Wicca is a nature religion, it's only logical to be Wiccan and care about the Earth. 

Here are some ways to contribute to taking care of our planet: 

  • eating more local, organic, or homegrown food

  • reducing waste by recycling and using less plastic

  • donating to charity

  • doing rituals for the Earth's healing

  • and many more!

Word-of-mouth, of course!

How do famous figures and brands become household names? People talk about them all the time! 

Wicca can also achieve that status if many more people passed on the message. And who else would start the discussion but us Wiccans?

Wearing Wiccan-themed apparel

If you're more of a "show, dont tell" type of person, this method works best. You can wear your magick and spread awareness about Wicca by wearing themed apparel. This includes caps, face masks, shirts, sweaters, shoes, and more. 

Wearing Wiccan apparel serves the double purpose of allowing you to express yourself. You can show the world what kind of witch you are with the design you choose to wear. Mix and match to get your message across! 

For example, when you're playing frisbee or jogging in the park, you can wear this sporty Pentacle & Crescent Moon Cap. 

Or, when you're going to a party where you don't know anyone, put on an interesting shirt. It can be funny or intriguing, but make sure it's a conversation starter!

You may not have noticed it, but rocking the right shoes can put you in the proper mood to do anything! Do these handcrafted boots tell you to keep calm and seize the day? Yes, they do.

Whatever type of clothing you choose, your self-expression is important. Through your self-expression, you're also contributing to people's acceptance of Wicca.

"A person without self-expression is a person without personal freedom."

- Robin S., American singer and songwriter

So, go ahead and grab yourself a nice Wiccan shirt. You can also add in a new pair of pentacle boots. Be your most authentic self and show your individuality to the world!