Self-Dedication Ritual: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Self-Dedication Ritual: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner


For hundreds of years’ people or groups have been performing dedication rituals to their Gods and Goddesses, this was done to declare themselves to the divine, it solidifies the relationship you have and joins your energies together in a harmonious act of love and light.

This ritual is a self-dedication for those of us who are solitary practitioners, meaning we practice our craft alone rather than in a coven, solitary witches have been around for hundreds of years, from Voodoo and Hoodoo priests and Priestesses’, Pagans, and even Apothecaries were seen as solitary practitioners.

This Self-Dedication Ritual can be used for Wiccan, Pagan, or even the Druid Paths. Just change the bits you feel need to be adjusted to suit your religion and your needs, this is YOUR ritual, YOUR dedication so make it comfortable for YOU.

There is no right or wrong way to do any ritual or spell, it’s all about making it your own, using whatever you want, whatever your instincts are telling you to use, this is merely a guide to get you started, so have fun with it!

A Little Bit of History

For thousands of years’ humans have been performing Dedications to their Gods in one form or another, these were usually done in the form of offerings to appease the Gods, this could be anything from laying food, flowers and lighting incense at the foot of statues and in temples to the ritualistic sacrifices at altars in temples.

These dedications and offerings to the Gods where done all over the world and mainly in big groups of followers in ancient places like Greece, India, and even the Mayan.

These days though most religions and cultures no longer allow sacrifices and we tend to keep things much more simple, that is why I have written out a self-dedication ritual for the solitary witch that is simple and easy to do (and doesn’t require any sacrifices).

Casting your Circle

The first thing you must do is cast your circle, this is a very important step, it will keep you protected from any unwanted negative energies and will keep your space cleansed whilst you are performing your ritual.

Don’t worry if you have never done this before, we will go through this step by step for those of you who aren’t sure.

Firstly, know that the direction you cast in will depend on where you live, so If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere you want to go anti-clockwise and if you are in the Northern Hemisphere you will go clockwise.

To cast your circle stand facing the East, and whilst using your power hand, this will be your dominant hand, use either your finger or wand and extend it out in front of you, slowly turn in the direction according to your hemisphere and see (either in your mind’s eye or use visualization) a stream of protective energy coming from you and forming a circle around you and your sacred space as you turn, close your eyes if it helps, and see the energy connect to where you started as you complete your circle.

You can also call upon the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west, etc) and their corresponding elements and when you create your circle, stopping at each point calling on the guardians and their elements for their help and protection.

To open your circle when you have finished your ritual, simply go in the opposites direction and picture your energy absorbing into the earth, make sure to stop at each cardinal point and thank the guardian and element of each point for their assistance and protection.

What You Will Need

  • 2 White Candles (these represent the God and Goddess, if you would like to carve these to form your God and/Goddess then you can)

  • Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • Herbs of your choice for burning or your favourite incense (this is about what makes you comfortable and relaxed)

  • Offering Bowl filled with an offering for your chosen deity (if you don’t know what they like then simply fill with water or a nice flower or two that calls to you)

  • A quiet and peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed, somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed, it can be either outside or inside

The Ritual

Once your circle is cast sit down and get comfortable, light your candles and incense or herbs in your sensor. Once done sit for a few minutes and meditate, allow yourself to completely relax and open all of your senses, feeling the energy of everything around you, allow it to flow through you and fill you completely.

Once you feel you’re ready take your essential oil, dab some on your finger and draw your chosen deity/deities over your third eye. If you’re not sure what the symbol is you can you the symbols that represent the God (or horned God as he is known) and Goddess.

The Goddess and Horned God

Once done, feel your chosen Deity/Deities energy flowing around you and within you, allow their essence to fill you with light, then when your read say the following chant Thrice.

O (your Deity/Deities name)

I pledge myself to the Wiccan/pagan/Druid path

To walk the path of light with your divine spirit

and all that you hold dear.

I open myself to your Energies

And allow your wisdom and love to guide

and protect me.

On this night/day, with love and light in my heart

I dedicate myself to the wiccan path and to you (say deity/deities name).

(Say this three times and finish with)

So Mote It Be!

You may feel all energized afterwards or you may feel tingles or a warm sensation throughout your body. This is your deity’s way of acknowledging your dedication, make sure to thank your deity/deities for their presence and guidance.

When finished, extinguish the candles and open the circle you cast remembering to say thank you and good bye to the guardians of the four cardinal directions and the elements if you used them as well, then take your offering bowl outside and either bury it in the ground so that the earth may take it and re use it or pour it into a stream or creek (make sure it won’t hurt the fishes, birds or bugs first), this helps to keep everything balanced, thank the earth for its service.

Your ritual is now complete.


Take some time to sit and reflect upon the ritual, write it in your book of shadows or grimoire, reflect about how you felt during and after the ritual, and about anything you may have noticed, sensed or even heard.

Remember you can change any part of the chant or ritual so that it fits you, this is your dedication so make sure you feel comfortable doing it, when it comes to spell casting and rituals it’s all about what you are feeling, if something doesn’t feel right or you think it needs to be changed, then change it, if you feel the candles should be a different colour the change those too, it’s your ritual, this is merely a guide to help set you on the right path, there is no wrong way to do this so have fun with it and make it your own.

I hope you enjoyed doing this Self-Dedication Ritual.

Blessed Be,

Evolet Silverwolf Doosjen 

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October 10, 2022

Thank you for the information. Merry Meet. Have a blessed day


February 07, 2022

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January 03, 2022

Thank You so much! I am A Newly Devoted and this was ever so helpful. I am looking forward to more like this, so more it be

Harmony Cannon
Harmony Cannon

December 20, 2021

Thank you very much

You added to my knowledge of casting circles, I did not know about opening the circle.

Angela Dawn Brown
Angela Dawn Brown

December 20, 2021

Thank u for this ritual I am new to this and found this very helpful im so excited to start this new journey in my life blessed be

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Tina Evans

November 23, 2021

Thank you still learning


November 03, 2021

This is awesome! Thank you from a newby. Blessed be.

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