Of all the religious symbols in the world, the pentagram and pentacle top the list of the most common. You can find these two symbols in Christianity, Judaism, Wicca, and other neo-Pagan beliefs.

But for their popularity, we sure love to interchange the two! 

For example: there's confusion about the orientation of the symbol. The usual misconception is that if it's upside down, it's a pentagram. And if it's right side up, it's a pentacle...

...this isn't accurate at all! It is still a pentagram, whichever way the star points up. If it's upside down, we call it an inverted pentagram. 

So, to solve this dilemma once and for all, we're going to draw the line (or draw the circle) - between the pentagram and the pentacle. 

There are two major differences between the two. 

FIRST, is that the pentagram is a five-pointed figure which resembles a star. Now, enclose the pentagram in a circle, and you have a pentacle.

SECOND, the two have a subtle difference when it comes to function. While the pentagram is the visual representation, the pentacle is something physical. It is something that you place on your altar, or something you wear. Like, say, a pentacle necklace!


Many believe that the pentagram has its origins in a large land mass spanning Europe and Egypt. In ancient times, the symbol was most associated with a powerful Goddess called Kore. 

The Goddess prized the apple above all fruits. That is why - when you cut an apple through its core - you will see the pentagram, with an apple seed in all the sides. 

Ever since then, people have regarded the pentagram as a valuable symbol. Roman history points to the pentagram as the Star of Bethlehem. This star guided the three kings in finding the newborn Jesus. There was even a time that people used the pentagram to depict Jesus' wounds at his crucifixion. 


The pentagram has existed for thousands of years before Wicca adopted it as a symbol. 

Yet, what makes the pentagram very Wiccan is the addition of the circle. 

When you use a pentacle, you are using a symbol that is truly Wiccan. It is a mark of our love for Nature. It represents good and pure and white magick, a symbol of light and love. 

The pentacle is most powerful when you use it as a badge of manifestation and protection.

As a symbol of the 5 elements - air, water, earth, fire, and spirit - you can invoke the power of the universe when doing rituals or spellcasting. The elemental forces will work together to heed your intentions. They can be about work, family, money, or relationships. 

Because the pentacle is such a powerful protection symbol, you can draw or hang pentacles at home. So, it is important that you're always near a pentacle.  

You can wear a pentacle necklace as a talisman to guard against harm and negativity. And, with the pentacle's powers of manifestation, you can use it as a tool for spells and rituals. 

Pentacle necklaces are usually incorporated with crystals and other symbols. This is to enhance the power of the pentacle. When choosing a pentacle necklace, choose one that best suits your needs. 

But, it is crucial that you choose an authentic, high quality pentacle. You cannot maximize the powers of the pentacle if it is flimsy, or if you're not sure where it is made. 

It's important that you know where your pentacle comes from. You wouldn't want to absorb any negative energies the pentacle has picked up! This negativity may have come from its makers, handlers, or shippers. 

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Remember, you will be wearing a strong Wiccan symbol. What this means is that you will have an outpouring of pride, positivity, protection, and power.