Samhain may be the busiest day to connect with our ancestors, but you need not wait until then to talk to them! Whenever you want to unload your worries and fears, ask them for guidance, or just tell them about your day, do this simple ritual of connecting with your ancestors.

They are not just your blood relatives!

There are three kinds of ancestors — ancestors of blood, ancestors of spirit, and ancestors of place. 

Ancestors of blood are the people who you were born into. They are your biological ancestors, with whom you share your DNA. He is the great great grandfather that your grandpa always talked about. 

The people who are your role models and life pegs — these are your ancestors of spirit. They may be the witches and Pagans of olden times, who laid the foundation for your spiritual practice now. They can also be anyone whose footsteps you want to follow — a respected artist perhaps, or a philanthropist.

The last kind are the ancestors of place. They are all the beings who once existed in the very ground you walk on. These include the people who came before you, as well as the flora and fauna that once flourished in that place. 

What you'll need for the ritual

  • A quiet corner in your home

  • Photos and things you remember your ancestors by

  • Altar cloth

  • White candle

  • A pentacle

*A note about the pentacle: The simpler the pentacle is, the better. It should closely resemble the pentacle your ancestors used to use hundreds of years ago. This will serve as a powerful tool to connect the worlds of the living and the spirit world.

A simple, 5-step ritual

1. The first thing that you should do is bless the space.

2. Then, place the altar cloth neatly on a flat surface and carefully lay out the photos, mementos, and pentacle.

3. Address each ancestor that is represented by them. Slowly, speak to them. You can start with simple greetings, and telling them how much you miss them.

4. Light the candle and welcome your ancestors into your home. You can name particular people whom you wish will share their love and energy. If you can, you may also offer your ancestors their favorite food and drinks.

5. Talk with them as long as you like, or until the candle is fully burned.

You can transfer the food and drinks to the base of a nearby tree. The pentacle can remain in your altar, or you can wear it. 

After this ritual, remember to honor your ancestors frequently as they are already guests in your home! 

But with so much to do every day, is there an easier way to recognize their presence? Do you need to do this ritual every time you want to speak to them? 

The answer is yes and no

Yes, there's definitely an easier way to honor your ancestors. And no, you need not set up an altar and everything else to do so. 

The Pentacle of Ancestors makes this possible. 

Its simple and straightforward design matches the pentacles worn by your ancestors centuries ago. It's also handmade, like the pentacles of olden times. 

This makes it very easy to access the spirit world and communicate with those who came before you. You can talk to them wherever you may be... 

...whether you're stuck in traffic and need to relieve the stress, or you're in an emergency, or you're just feeling down, hold on to your pentacle and talk to it. Your ancestors will be listening. 

Some people are your relatives but others are your ancestors, and you choose the ones you want to have as ancestors. You create yourself out of those values. 

- Ralph Ellison

By getting in touch with your ancestors, you're getting in touch with yourself. Know yourself more and discover innate abilities...