Whether you're a newbie witch or a seasoned Wiccan, getting deeper into the faith is always an enriching process. 

Here are 5 tips on how to grow your Wiccan knowledge to strengthen your practice. 


If you're comfortable enough, you may choose to join a coven. Being a covener means you can get guidance from seasoned witches, and take part in rituals and spellwork. 

What you wanna do first is ask what philosophy this particular coven is following. For example, some covens are traditional like the Gardnerians, and while some are eclectic. 


Whether it's been passed down to you or you're the first in your lineage, a Book of Shadows is a must-have for a practicing Wiccan. 

Here you can learn old spells and rituals, or you can make your own and record the results. You can also write your personal thoughts here, so you can personally track your spiritual progress.


Knowledge that comes from both seasoned and novice witches is the next best thing to actual experience. 

Reach out to Wiccan practitioners online or offline and gain lifelong friends along the way!


Of course, you can't say you're a Wiccan until you actually practice Wicca. So smudge those sticks, light those candles, and cast that spell! 


When starting out with Wicca, one of the first baby steps you'll make is to read all about it. (And even when you're an experienced witch, it still pays to go back to the basics once in a while.)

Read as much as you can, discarding negative or disturbing information. Learn by doing, and the Goddess and God will bless you with all that you trully need.

~ SCOTT CUNNINGHAM, well-known Wiccan author

There's a gazillion Google hits when you type in "Wicca". But the truth is, only a handful of these websites are trustworthy. 

What you wanna look for is a handy guide that's cut up into bite-sized information. You don't want those 10,000-word articles! 

Also, that source has to be tried and tested by readers themselves. It doesn't hurt if you enjoy reading it, too!

The Moonlight Post is a great source of Wiccan knowledge for 3 simple reasons. 

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  • It's reading for leisure. It's well-researched information, minus the fancy words and the long-winding sentences. Reading this makes you forget you were studying.

  • You'll be surprised at what you'll discover. We write articles according to a new theme every month, so you'll never know what's coming. Getting better at your spiritual practice can be tiring at first, but choose the right tools and the load will be a lot lighter.

Getting better at your spiritual practice can be tiring at first, but choose the right tools and the load will be a lot lighter.