5 Reasons You Should Wear A Pentacle Everyday

We all know just how powerful the pentacle is. Especially for Wiccans, it is considered the ultimate symbol of Wiccan spirituality. Discover 5 simple reasons why wearing a pentacle everyday is as essential as eating healthy or exercising.

It keeps you out of harm's way

Just like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regularly wearing a pentacle protects your mind and body. It protects your mind, because the pentacle can banish negative thoughts that keep you from focusing. At the same time, it protects your body by giving you sharper reflexes, helping you avoid accidents big or small.

It brings out the best in you

When Wiccans say the pentacle is very powerful, they're not saying this just because. Just think about the time you wore one around your neck and you almost felt the energy pulsate. How it actually works is that it draws out energy from within you. You have that power in you; you just need to harness it so you can be the best version of yourself.

It is the easiest way to show your Wiccan pride

Because of the work of hardworking witches — making people all over the world know what Wicca truly is — hundreds of thousands have accepted and even started practicing it. 

Even the most misunderstood symbol, the pentacle, is now regarded as a Wiccan symbol, and not an icon of devil worship. This is not to say that the fight is over. That's why it's our duty to wear our pentacles loud and proud...as our way of raising awareness about the wonders of Wicca!

It attracts good fortune

When you believe in your dreams, and always imagine yourself achieving them, someday you actually will! This is the power of attraction, and it is the secret many successful people have known for ages. Use your pentacle as a reaffirmation necklace and, while holding it and feeling its power, proclaim your dreams to it. This positive self-talk will absolutely do wonders. 

It makes you see positively in any situation 

With everything that's going on in the world – even in our personal lives — it's easy to fall into the trappings of negativity. Once you're in that hole, it can be hard to climb back up. Wearing a pentacle, however, will blow away all those bad thoughts. This is because the focus and confidence your pentacle gives will work together to mold you into a ball of bright positivity. Why worry when you can power through any problem?

There's a really good saying about overcoming obstacles. It goes something like, "The reluctant one always finds excuses, but the determined one always finds ways." 

For example, a super busy witch can handle her problem of not having enough time to practice witchcraft two ways. It's either she complains about it and does nothing, or she tries to discover many different approaches to balancing work and witchcraft. 

Being positive is not about waiting around for a miracle to come. It's about looking for realistic solutions while keeping hope alive. And that's where the pentacle comes in — as a source of power and positivity. 

There's a whole range of pentacle necklaces to choose from, each with their distinct characteristics. It's up to you which pentacle you will want for your specific purpose. 

This is important, though: ONLY BUY PENTACLES FROM A TRUSTED SHOP. 

When you don't check where a pentacle comes from, it may carry negative energy, and that energy can get transferred to you. 

At The Moonlight Shop, you have nothing to worry about. All our pentacles are handmade by Wiccans, for Wiccans. The hands that put our necklaces together are gentle and loving hands. These hands sprinkle in some bright blessings on your pentacle before it gets shipped to you! 

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When faced with a crisis, have a pentacle close to you. You may wear it around your neck, use it as a keychain or tie it around your bag as a charm.

In the end, the power of your pentacle depends on your relationship with it. Give the pentacle your trust, and allow it to do its magick on you!