Why as a Wiccan You need to know yourself...

...and how a FREE zodiac necklace can help with your self-development!

You were born with a certain number of years to live. That is your time allotted to you on earth.

You have the choice of what to do with this time!

You can spend it watching Netflix and complain about why things never seems to go your way...

...or you can take back the control and start making every second count.

But where to start?

Will you do a trial and error with the time you have, not quite sure what to do with it...

...or will you maximize every second, of every day with a clear direction and filled with purpose?

Your time is valuable & non-renewable

Unlike money and knowledge, time is the only ressource you have, that's truly limited. Once it's gone, that's it!

So, you need to spend it wisely!

As a Wiccan, YOUR time is especially valuable!

You have the ability... no! The duty, to make the world a better place!

You are one of the few people in this world, who have found the path, which will unveil the secrets of nature, the universe and the manipulation of energy.


Not knowing yourself Can be truly dangerous

If you don't know who you really are, and you're not sure what you really want, you'll end up wasting away your time on trivial matters, or worse: End up making more harm than good.

For example, you might...

...fail to set your priorities straight, while never understanding why, causing harm to yourself and your close ones.

...chase "shiny objects" and deviate from your chosen path... causing agony and backstepping

...spend your time and money on things that will never fulfill you, and leave you feeling empty again soon

...invite people into your life, who will hold you back... or even convince you to "unlearn"

It doesn't have to be this way!

You have the power Change Everything!

Every single moment, you have the power to change everything around in an instant!

No one is saying it's easy... but it is possible!

It will take some work and it will be difficult at times...

... You will revisit the past and discover hidden truths.

... You will walk through the present, and take sneak a peek at the future. 

... You'll have to face your fears, fight your foes and come out victorious.

But there is a way to make this journey much, MUCH easier!

Use your zodiac sign to unveil the real you!

Unfortunately, there are no oracles left to tell you your destiny...

...however, there is a celestial map painted across the sky!

A map, which will help you discover who YOU are and what the stars (litterally) have in store for you.

This ancient tapestry is the Zodiac.

Chances are that you already know your zodiac sign... but do you use it on a daily basis?

Do you keep a constant reminder, that the stars above are there to help and guide you...

...or do you just walk through life aimlessly?

Your sign + Wicca = extraordinary power!

As a wiccan, you already know that there is much more between heaven and earth than the eye can see...

...and you know about the power of symbols!

Just like the Pentacle offer Power and Protection, your Zodiac sign gives you guidance and direction.

That's why we have decided to give away FREE zodiac sign necklaces to ALL wiccans for an entire week, just before the Wiccan new year!

We are doing this, because we know how much we as Wiccans can achieve with the right guidance.

This way, you can keep a constant reminder about your zodiac and your true inner self.

claim your FREE Wiccan zodiac necklace today

We're giving away as many FREE necklaces as we can until October 19th. 2021, while supplies last. All we ask, is that you cover the S/H fee.

This is your chance to be acquainted with your zodiac sign, and to know yourself a little more...

...which, if you're open, will lead to a life of infinite possibilities and overflowing happiness.

Claim your free zodiac necklace now, while it's still available for FREE!


NOTE: Only 1 necklace per order. The necklace is FREE and all we ask is that you cover the shipping and handling fee.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Your Zodiac Sign

Aries is to boldness as Scorpio is to passion as Capricorn is to intelligence.

When you were born, the Sun passed through a particular constellation in the sky. That could be any of the 12 constellations, which comprise the Zodiac. 

Now, this is no trivial matter... because, at the time you started life on earth, the Universe worked together to form a map of your life. 

This map, also called your birth chart, contains rich and fascinating insight into yourself, such as:

  • Your dominant personality traits

  • Your likes and dislikes

  • Your strengths and weaknesses

  • What you're like in certain areas of your life — career, finances, love, parenting, etc.

Arming yourself with this knowledge will automatically make you 100% more mindful about how you live your life.

There will be no more trial and error. You will know exactly who you are, without wasting your time on "What if?" and "If only...".

Instead of a life of mistakes, regrets, and bitterness... you will live a life of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the necklace USA-made?

    YES! All our necklaces are handcrafted and handled with care before they're shipped to you. If you're from the US, you will receive your package in just 3-5 days.

  • How big is the pendant?

    The pendant measures approx. 2 inches in diameter. It's big enough for people to notice and compliment you on it, but also small enough to tuck inside your shirt.

  • What material is the pendant made of?

    The pendant is made of pewter, which is free from allergy-causing nickel and lead. Pewter is known to be very durable - your necklace will last for a long time, possibly even a lifetime!

  • Does the pendant come with a cord?

    YES. It comes with a 24 inch metal chain.

  • Is the necklace safe for people with allergies?

    YES! If your skin is sensitive to jewelry, this necklace is perfect for you. The pendant is free from lead and nickel, and is 100% hypoallergenic.

  • How many days should I wait until I receive the package?

    If you're residing in the US, expect your package to arrive in 3-5 days. Overseas deliveries may take 2 weeks. The wait will be totally worth it, though!