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Witch On A Broomstick Clock from The Moonlight Shop

Witch On A Broomstick Clock

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The Witch On A Broomstick Clock, along with the great protective powers of your own besom, will keep evil spirits and bad energies far far away from your home!

The Witch On a Broomstick Clock is a beautifully crafted wall clock for those who like to harness the protective and banishing powers of the broom or besom. Just as your besom, this will help to keep evil spirits, bad energies, and nightmares away.

Its design is not only an expression of who you are, but it will also make you feel like someone is watching over you, making it a great addition to your other protective tools. 

It will definitely be much harder for someone to get you in a bad way with this one resting in your home!

Product Details

This clock requires just 1 AA battery (not included). It has a Plywood back and laminated Vinyl face. It measures approximately 17 1/2" x 10 1/2" 2 1/2"

Our "100% Happy Guarantee":

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