Wand of Dreams

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The Willow wand is the choice of the poet and the artist. It assists in your poetic writing or drawing. 

The Wand of Dreams is the best choice for when you need to strengthen your intuition, make sense of your visions, and understand your dreams. Since our deep unconscious thoughts speak to us through our dreams, the Willow wand will help you if you have lost touch with your dreams or wish to increase their potency. They are also used to deal with emotional numbness or emotional excess, or where there are negative emotional feelings which need to be worked through. 

The Willow tree has long been known as a tree of dreaming, inspiration and enchantment. In Celtic legend, it was the tree of poets and tree for spells of fascination and binding. It is associated with the element Water, and is used to attract powers needed for protection, inspiration, divination, healing, fertility, love, grief and death. 

Use the Willow wand to:

  • Strengthen Your Intuition
  • Understand Your Dreams
  • Understand Your Visions
  • Open Yourself Up Emotionally
  • Banish Your Negative Emotions

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The wand is approx. 16 inches long. Each Wand is handmade, so it might look slightly different from the image.