Triquetra Shield Earrings

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"These Triquetra Shield earrings will strengthen your spirit and drive away unhappiness!"

The Triquetra Shield earrings will give you access to the divine and help you in your magickal workings. This will strengthen your rituals and aid you in casting stronger and more powerful spells. 

The earrings feature the interwoven knots of a Celtic Triquetra or Trinity Knot. This was often found in Celtic art and on runestones in Northern Europe. It symbolizes many triple entities like: Earth, Air, Water; Death, Life, and Rebirth; Body, Mind and Spirit.  The Triquetra is one of the most popular talismans, it is used as the bridge between you and the divine. 

If you have ever felt like something was lacking in your practice, the Triquetra earrings will open up your eyes to what you have been missing and will open up any blocked pathways. Feel the energy and powers of the Divine around you with these Triquetra earrings. 

Wear this:

  • For spell casting and rituals
  • To awaken your spirit
  • To tap into your inner powers
  • To feel whole and connect with the Divine


The earrings are made of sterling silver and measure approximately 0.25 inches across. 

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