Triple Moon Goddess Canvas Backpack (Purple)

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"The Triple Moon Goddess Canvas Backpack is a really cool way to express your love and dedication to the Goddess. Because it doesn't have to be just black and white!"

The Triple Moon Goddess Canvas Backpack features the triple moon symbol with a pentacle in the center. This backpack will hold your altar tools for safekeeping and also other items you need for your every day use. This is an attention-catching bag that can change the way people think about Wiccans. Because we are really not all about the black and white stuff. 

Whichever way you may use it, know that this will make the Goddess smile from wherever she is. It has that bonus of making it easier to connect with her in your rituals and spell casting. 

Product details:

This bag is made from canvas and has two shoulder straps that serve as a cinch to open and close the backpack. It measures 17"x 20" and comes in purple.

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