The Wiccan Elements Necklace - Flash Sale

The Wiccan Elements Necklace reminds you how essential each stage is in the cycle of life of all living things in this Earth. 

This necklace shows you the six elements and how each correspond a stage in the life cycle. It is filled with symbolism and the more you study it, the more hidden knowledge you will find.

Wear this as a reminder that everything is cyclical and your present stage is necessary to lead you to the next stage; that your trials lead to your renewal and rebirth.

You can draw your strength from this as you go through this life as a child learning and maturing to become a wise adult. 

You can also use this to focus your intentions when doing magick.

The pendants is perfect for Wiccans and Pagans and is 100% non-threatening to people around you. 


This eye-catching necklace has a beautiful and unique design. The design is made by The Moonlight Shop and you cannot buy this anywhere else.

This makes it a very unique and personal pendant for yourself or someone you love.

The pendant measures approx. 1x1 inch across, which makes it the perfect size for a piece of meaningful and very personal jewelry.


The pendant is 100% made in the USA. It's UV resistant and waterproof, which makes it a very durable piece of jewelry that will last for many decades.

It comes with an 18" silver plated chain, which should fit great on everyone. If you prefer, you can easily put another chain on it.

The design is covered with high quality hardened resin, which gives full vibrant colors and extreme durability.

There is no moving parts, so unless it hit it with a sledgehammer, it won't break or wear out.


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