The "Spell Casters" pendant - Upgrade Offer

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Summon the sun’s red flame and call forth all the elements of nature to you.

This Pendant consist of the Pentacle and the Celtic cross, two ancient and powerful symbols. Wearing this will give you protection and power.

This pendant will help you use the power of the sun in your spells, while the Pentacle protect you and empower you. 

The Spell Caster’s Pendant is very useful when doing spells as it also gives you unequaled protection while you are vulnerable during your casting rites.  

Wear this pendant to:

  • Represent the element of fire
  • Use in rituals honoring the sun, the heat and energy of flames
  • Honor the masculine energy
  • Strengthen your will and resolve
  • Strengthen spells for rebirth
  • Celebrate solstices

Made from non-allergenic Materials

This pendant is handcrafted from nickel and lead free pewter, making it a very durable and non allergy causing necklace.

The amulet measures approx. 1.25 inches in size and you can choose your cord length above.