The Spell Caster's Bundle - Flash Sale

  • The Spellcaster's Bundle will protect you when you are vulnerable and give you authority over the elements when doing spellwork and magick.

    Magick and spellwork is all about channeling energy in the desired direction, so it will help you with your hopes, dreams, and your heart’s desires.

    The Spell Caster’s Bundle is helpful to all Wiccans, from the novice to the skilled spell caster. The pendants in this bundle will protect you when you are vulnerable, give you focus and power when you need it the most.

    Your magick will be stronger and your spells will work better.

    Choose your own personal birthstones for a stronger and more powerful connection between you and your pendants.

    This Spellcaster's bundle contains 3 pendants:

    The Spellcaster's Pendant:

    When you are doing spells and manipulating energy, you can't help being vulnerable to negative energies for brief moments of time.

    The "Spell Caster's" pendant features the Pentacle and the Celtic cross, two ancient and powerful symbols of protection and power.

    It will protect you, while connecting you to the elements, so your spells becomes even more powerful.

    The Solar Cross:

    The Solstice Solar Cross Necklace has a strong masculine energy and is connected to the Fire element. This is for spells of authority, renewal, and new beginnings. With this pendant, it will be easier for you to cast away the old and invite in the new and positive.

    It works as a "kickstarter" and give you the extra push you need as well as energy from the sun.

    Never do a "new beginnings spell" without this one.

    Mjölnir with Birthstones:

    Thor is the protector of Humans and Mjölnir is his hammer. When using this pendant in your spell casting, you will gain strength, courage and focus.

    This pendant will make you stronger in areas where you are weak, and give you courage when you start doubting yourself and your spells.

    Use it when you are doing the longer more demanding spells and when you need to be more assertive and have a powerful charisma.

    Use the Spellcaster's bundle to assist you in enhancing your life, bringing you good luck, good health, a prosperous career, great relationships, and ultimately, fulfillment.

    Cord and Birthstone: The Mjölnir and Solar Cross comes with genuine Austrian swarovski crystals. The leather cords are made from real leather and comes with lobster clasp. The Cotton cord comes untied, so you can make a sliding-knot that fits yourself.


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