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The Good Luck And Divine Guidance Bundle - Flash Sale from The Moonlight Shop

The Good Luck And Divine Guidance Bundle - Flash Sale

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This Bundle is perfect for when you need good luck and guidance from above.

These pendants are all considered “good luck charms”, and they each have their own strengths. Use them wisely and you will have some very powerful “allies”.

The Key of Life Necklace:

This is one of the oldest Pagan symbols known. It’s called the Key of Life because it is believed to offer a direct connection to the Gods. It is also known as “Ankh” and is a symbol of life, immortality and the Gods.

The Eye in top represent the feminine gods. The staff below symbolizes the masculine gods and the dividing bar shows how the energies are divided, but still in balance. The rainbow crystal symbolizes how man and woman are connected through love.

Wear this necklace when you need divine wisdom and guidance.

The Crescent Moon and Stars:

This pendant is a symbol of guidance and good luck. The crescent moon connects you to the moon Goddess.

The stars are “leading stars” which will help you to keep your goal in mind. If you easily get lost or get off track, this is for you.

Wear this necklace when you know where you are going, but need a "leading star" to keep you on the right path.

The Caduceus Staff:

This is an old symbol of good health and peace. It has later been adapted by westerners. It’s a very powerful pendant that will help you get through to your destination easier and with less obstacles.

The Black Onyx will get rid of bad and negative energies, so your path is as clear as possible.

Wear this necklace for to get rid of obstacles and to ward off sickness.



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