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The Elven Star from The Moonlight Shop

The Elven Star

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"The Elven Star is the gateway to the Faerie realm. It is a gift from the Faeries, to help you understand them better and communicate with them sooner!"

The Elven Star, Faerie star, septagram or spectacle, is a gift straight from the Faeries for those who wish to gain the trust of those in the Fae realm. 

Those who believe in the Faerie realm and do a lot of work with the Fae wear the Elven star around their necks as a sign of their faith, where each point represents:

  • Power, Determination, Prosperity
  • Unconditional Love, Wisdom, and Healing
  • Harmony, Blessings, and Tranquility
  • Knowledge, Creativity, Intelligence
  • Powers of the Mind and Balance
  • Magick and Success
  • Devotion and Honesty

The Elven symbol can be used to keep information hidden or prevent others from knowing what you are thinking. 

Product Details

The pendant is made of sterling silver and is gently curved so it lands comfortably on your skin. It measures approximately 1/2" across. It comes with no cord so you have plenty of options to customize. 

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