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Sage & Cedar smudge stick (5") from The Moonlight Shop

Sage & Cedar smudge stick (5")

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"The Sage & Cedar Smudge Stick put together two of the top purifying herbs for the ultimate cleansing of a person, object, and place from negative energies.."

The Sage & Cedar Smudge Stick will bring about clearing of mental clutter, physical relaxation, and spiritual openness which is a requirement in every ritual. Every ritual or spell casting should also be preceded by purifying with the use of a smudging stick. 


Sage purifies the mind, body, and spirit before beginning any meditation or ritual. Use it to cleanse yourself, you altar tools, and any space. Carrying a small amount of sage with you all the time will ensure your personal safety. 


Cedar is most commonly used in healing rituals and ceremonies. Cedar smoke invites a friendly and healing energy in your rituals. Afterward, you will feel a sort of transformation where your pains and worries drift away.


The length of the smudge stick measures approximately 7 inches tall.


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