Protection and wisdom of the North Bundle - Flash Sale

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This bundle will grant you with the protection and wisdom of the Nordic gods!

The spiral necklace will give you balance and a clear mind. It will give you clarity when you feel stuck and wisdom when you are lost.

Mjölnir (or Thor's Hammer) will protect you and give you power to take care of difficult situations. Mjölnir NEVER misses its target and neither will you, with this around your neck!

The solar cross of essence will make you see things clearer and help cut through and get rid of all the nonessentials. It has the newer futhark runes, used by the vikings and the old norsemen.

When you need clarity, power and protection, this bundle will help you. It's a shortcut to achieving what you want and a source of power to burst through any obstacles in your way.


These pendants are handcrafted from nickel and lead free pewter. In other words, these are some very durable and allergic free necklaces. You can wear these powerful necklaces all day long.

You can choose your cord size and style above. Please note that the cotton cord comes untied, so you can tie it to your preferences yourself.